Direct Energy Contracts:

Reduce your monthly comercial utility electric bill with our new productized "Direct Energy" contracts, where you obtain 100% renewable energy, from 100% panamanian sources, and at a more economic pricing. Valid for Clients with an energy consumption of over 100KW located in the Republic of Panama.

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Green Energy Needs?:

• Would you like to buy Green Affordable Energy?

• Have you maxed out your roof space solar generation and require more?

• Are you seeking to improve your LEEDS level certification? Our energy solutions factor favorably into 60% of your weighted analysis.

• Do you require night generation to compensate your investment?

•Are you a Green Energy Generator requiring to fullfill a energy sales quota? Contact us for a free service consultation.

We sell green sustainable energy nationally and regionally at a discounted price for clients of demand averages above 100KW. Please contact us for details.

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